Sunday, 14 October 2007

SEO: "CityU Web Hacker" Turtle CS3382 - Week 6

In order to participate 2007 eXtreme Web Designer Award about SEO, i have built the web page for the keyword : "CityU Web Hacker" Turtle web page as followings:
CityU Web Hacker turtle web page
SEO steps and related SEO software:
  1. For SEO, Make the correct robots.txt to prohibit Spider to index your private folder. (SEO tools provided)
  2. For SEO, Add meta tags (includes robot, title,heading, keywords and description) within <head>, don't spam (the keyword appears more than once in same tag). (SEO tools provided)
  3. For good SEO, Include the keyword in <title>, if better at the first 3-5 words.
  4. For SEO, Use less javascript in the previous part of <body>, if long, put them in the latter part.
  5. For SEO,Visible text having the keywords appear as near the top of <body> as possible, if better it appears in the first 5-7 words. (SEO tools provided)
  6. For SEO, Make sure have alt property in <img>, title property in <a>
  7. For SEO, Add text of the web page > 250 words, better if >500words.
  8. For SEO, Make sure the keyword density is >5%, better if 8%-10% (too much will be considered as spam). (SEO tools provided)
  9. For SEO, Make the web page with valid XHTML (1.0 strict or better) , CSS, ECMAScript, etc. (SEO tools provided)
  10. For SEO, Get a static IP hosting for the website rather than dynamic website. (SEO tools provided)
    Input your website URL:

    This tool provided free by Bruce Claya

  11. For SEO, Include the keyword in URL.
  12. For SEO, Submit the URL to search engines, e.g. Yahoo,Yahoo directory, Google, dmoz, etc. (SEO tools provided)
  13. For SEO, Set sitemap file to Yahoo and Google. (SEO tools provided)
  14. For SEO, Increase the quality(high PR, highly related website point to your website) and quantity of the backlinks(links that point to your website), you can use backlink Anchor Text Analysis Tool to check the backlinks. (SEO tools provided)
  15. For SEO, Make sure the Spider able to "read" your website clearly. (SEO tools provided)
  16. For SEO, Keep update the content(more text) of web page as frequently as possible.
SEO Tools:


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